Black Oak Construction understands and respects the need for commercial space upgrades, and are experts when it comes to making the most of your business’ location. Whether it’s a major renovation, accessibility updates, or minor finish improvements, Black Oak Construction offers a wide array of services that will improve and add tangible value to your commercial space. 

Office Space Renovations

Black Oak Construction offers many choices when it comes to renovating government and military office spaces. Renovation in these spaces often centers around improvement in functionality. And, whether that includes upgrading lighting, replacing flooring, or a complete remodel, Black Oak Construction can improve space efficiency and working environments in government and military office spaces.

Retail Spaces

If your retail space is in need of upgrades, Black Oak Construction can help with new designs that complement your products or services. Keeping your show room modern and attractive is vital to the health of your retail business, and Black Oak Construction can help you utilize current trends to create a space that sells your business, product, or service.

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Professional Offices and Open Floorplans

Black Oak Construction is an expert at renovating professional office spaces and open floorplans for modern workers. We provide solutions to keep professional offices efficient, competitive, and cutting edge, by investigating the latest trends in technology and work flow. Black Oak Construction can implement the renovations your commercial space needs to fulfill its potential.  

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Military Housing

When it comes to military housing, Black Oak Constructions specializes in the improvement of these living quarters and making them the best, most efficient homes possible. Regardless if just a few rooms need improvements, or the whole building is in need of renovations, Black Oak Construction can create a plan of action, perform quality work, and produce stunning housing improvements for the families who serve our country. 

Restaurant and Food Service

With the help of Black Oak Construction, renovate your kitchen to maintain production and efficiency, and impress your guests with new modern and elegant styles in the dining area. Black Oak Construction is dedicated to your food service business, helping you maximize your space and improve your customers’ culinary experience.

Medical Offices

Whether your practice is looking to expand, or needs to rearrange existing space for new or additional services, Black Oak Construction can provide the solutions your team needs. Our remodeling and renovation processes and solutions will keep the interruption to your patients to a minimum. Our flexible schedule solutions can be the difference in keeping your practice functional during the remodeling process. 

Partial or “White Box” Renovation

Black Oak Construction’s partial renovation services give building owners the ability to offer a flexible “ready to finish” space for future tenants. The “white box” renovation provides space that is ready to be finished in a minimum amount of time, but can also be modified for a tenant’s needs at minimum expense. Our design team can offer quick plan turn-around times that allow Black Oak Construction to quickly and efficiently prepare your building interior for potential new tenants.

Design and Build Service

Black Oak Construction’s design and build service brings the design team and the contractor together at the beginning of the project’s inception. This allows for accurate budget consideration and evaluation, right from the start. Early communication between the building owner or tenant, architect, engineer, and contractor creates a more accurate project scope of work, a tighter budget, and more efficient production schedule. From the idea’s conception to the final unveiling of the space, Black Oak Construction’s design and build services create a renovation experience that is hands on and second to none in the industry. 

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