Communication – construction is a “people” business. It takes the combined effort of homeowners or building owners, designers, contractors, specialty trades, material vendors, and many others to successfully complete a construction or renovation project. These parties must be communicating clearly to achieve that goal. Lack of communication is the number one cause of problems and delays incurred during a construction project. Communication comes in many forms including face-to-face, phone, email, and more increasingly texting. While these can all be very useful during a construction project, care must be given to insure the “receiver” is interpreting the “sender’s” message as intended. That’s why Black Oak Construction uses a blend of face-to-face and digital communication. By conducting efficient meetings supported by detailed, yet easy to interpret documentation and digital communication, Black Oak Construction maintains clear and accurate project dialog resulting in successful renovation and construction projects.

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Whether it’s during the early stages of design and pre-construction services, or during the construction and assembly of the project, clear and concise communication is key to successful completion. Good project communication begins during the first meeting between client and contractor and includes three key elements:

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A great design begins with a clear description of the project or SCOPE OF WORK expectations – the vision that the homeowner, building owner, or project representative has must be clearly understood by the design team and contractor. Good designs are the road map to successful project completion. Design documents such as layouts, floor plans, elevations, and details produced by the design team allow the scope of the project to be uniformly interpreted by owners, contractors, vendors, and specialty trades.

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Project planning involves reviewing the cost impact of the design and scope of work as well as the expected time frame. A realistic construction BUDGET must be agreed upon – candid, honest discussion about any project’s budget is essential for cost control throughout all phases. The budget and the scope of work, particularly in renovation projects, are dependent upon each other. One cannot be developed without the other. And, if either is poorly discussed and ideas or details are left out, the project’s success is doomed from the beginning. The TIMING of the project must be reasonably achievable for all parties involved – commercial tenant finish and improvement projects usually have specific completion dates that have little margin for adjustment. Residential project schedules are often less rigid, and often must be flexible to meet the homeowner’s needs. Whether it’s a commercial or residential project, the homeowner, building owner, or representative must have a realistic project timeline. And, once agreed upon, the contactor must be able to perform within that timeline.

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Successful project construction starts with excellent project management. Clear communication of the project’s goals are key and begin with great design documents, scope of work description, and project schedule. Keeping all parties “on the same page” during the building process can be challenging and requires experience and leadership. Black Oak Construction employs talented project mangers and supervisors who are skilled at bringing projects together successfully. Professional, knowledgeable subcontractors and vendors round out the Black Oak Construction team. Quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that your new space keeps its aesthetic and functional qualities for years to come.