Designing your renovation or new home project

Our design & build team specializes in providing creative solutions for our clients. By doing so, we design and construct unique, quality projects that distinguish us from other remodeling, renovation, and home building companies. By utilizing the latest CAD design software, we can produce concept layouts, floor plans, interior & exterior elevations, details, or photographic 3D renderings for almost any project. Black Oak’s clients can select a wide variety of materials & finishes and see how those finishes will look in their new living space. Black Oak has partnerships with some of Kansas City’s finest architects, interior designers, and structural engineers. Combined with input from our team of certified remodeling and building professionals, our design process creates beautiful, efficient living space that fits within your budget. The Black Oak Construction design & build team insures, from concept to completion, our clients receive a professionally designed remodeling project that makes their dreams a reality.


When the design and construction personnel work and communicate as one team, efficient design and material selections can be achieved in less time and at lower costs. This also results in less stress for our clients. Our clients don’t have to invest time and money coordinating between a design firm and a construction firm. Instead, they can sit back, make decisions when necessary and know that one phone number and one team is all they will need to solve the issues that have brought them to their decision to remodel or build. As the designer is working with the client, the construction costs are continuously being reviewed. This gives the homeowner, building owner, or building manager opportunities to make changes based on budget during the design process instead of waiting until after the final design is finished. When completed, the owner has a firm knowledge of what their project will cost. In addition, errors and omissions by the contractor are virtually eliminated because the design & build team has the responsibility of developing the design, assisting the client with material selections, and ultimately outlining the construction process.


The design & build process establishes a budget, controls costs for our clients, and creates an accurate schedule that delivers timely project completion. A design & build team will deliver a successful project by fulfilling the multiple objectives created by a remodeling or new home project. Because the design and construction are in the hands of one team, there is a single point of responsibility for design & layout, product selection, project budget, scheduling, and project construction. Homeowners wishing to solve their remodeling and construction needs can eliminate the headache of coordinating an architect or interior designer and a remodeling or building contractor themselves. Our clients’ “wish list” and expectations are documented and serve as the catalyst to produce a remodeling project or new home that exceeds their expectations.


Communication is the key to any successful design. Our design team will conduct an in-depth interview with our clients to reveal all the priorities for the project. We encourage clients to ask questions of us to make sure we are a good fit for them as well. The criteria for the project are then mapped out, the design fee is reviewed, and design & retainer agreements are signed. Concept drawings will be developed based on the budget which we will review on several occasions throughout the process. The concept plans will be presented and when we capture the correct layout, we’ll produce floor plans, elevation drawings, construction details, and, if chosen, 3-D renderings. The elevations and renderings can help clients visualize how the space will “feel”. We then begin selecting the finishes such as cabinet style and color, countertop materials, plumbing and electrical fixtures, tile, paint colors or wallpaper, trim, flooring, and other finish aspects of the project. Virtually any product, finish, or color can be captured in our design software and clients can see almost every aspect of how their project will look in high resolution detail before any construction work begins. Once the design is complete and all materials and finishes are selected, we’ll move to the planning phase.