Build: Assembling or remodeling your new home or renovating your building space

The Black Oak Construction team of construction professionals makes every effort to keep the stress to a minimum and the dream fulfillment to a maximum. To accomplish this, each remodeling project is assigned a project manager, or superintendent who is responsible for managing all activities on the job site from start to finish. Several days before a project begins, a pre-construction meeting is held with the client. This allows the project manager to review the construction schedule and the daily activities that will take place. We focus on maintaining open communication throughout the project with everyone involved. We encourage our clients to ask questions, no matter how trivial they may seem! Our clients are kept aware of every aspect of their project through site meetings, emails, cell phones, and direct discussion with the project manager or superintendent.

Safety and cleanliness is our priority so all projects are kept clean and organized:
• Job sites are swept and vacuumed regularly
• Plastic dust barriers are used to isolate the construction area, minimizing dust circulating throughout the client’s home or building
• Cloth tarps and protective plastic film will be applied to floor finishes for protection
• We change our residential clients’ furnace filters on a weekly basis during construction to further reduce the amount of dust spreading throughout the home
• We’ll cover the return-air ducts & vents on commercial projects to help protect the air handling units


Our project managers and superintendents are on site nearly every day to monitor progress. They are familiar with all trades in the construction industry but specialize in rough and finish carpentry. The Black Oak Construction production team prides itself with exemplary craftsmanship and uncanny attention to detail. All Black Oak’s subcontractors are hand-picked for their professionalism, integrity, and outstanding performance. Our subcontractors are an extension of our production team and complement our award-winning quality and customer service.


Because of our attention to detail during the Design and Plan phases and consistent communication throughout the job, our projects are produced with little to no surprises. Remodeling & renovation projects in particular, no matter how complex, will affect the client’s daily patterns. Homeowners and building owners who have remodeled before will describe the process as an “emotional rollercoaster”. Spirits are high during the Design and Plan phases and then start to dip when the mechanics start their rough-in. The low point usually hits when the new drywall is being sanded, or potent finishes are being applied on site, as this can be the messiest portion of the project. Once the finish carpentry, fixtures, and paint are in, spirits begin to rise. As the final touches of the project come together, the excitement returns as the dream becomes reality. When construction is complete, our clients know that the finest craftsmanship and materials have been used to create a remodeled or new home that is beyond all expectation.


Yes. The project manager will document the change request as a “Change Order”. Depending on the size and scope of the change, the plans will be modified, if necessary, and materials and labor will be priced. The Change Order will be presented to the client for approval before performing the changes. If approved, the schedule will be updated, subcontractors notified, and work on the change will proceed.